Making resolutions for the fun of it!

There’s an infamous saying “Why make resolutions when your gonna break it?” to that I say “for the fun of it!!”.

Just like a majority of people out there who have made resolutions on New Year’s eve, I too was of the habit of making them and having the motivation to accomplish them till the first month and then as time passes with few days of me not following them would give up on the resolution altogether until the next New Year’s eve.

But then looking back, resolutions have really kept me on my path and though I stray away from them from time to time, it’s always working in my subconscious mind and I feel guilty for not doing them. So that really is the fun part of making resolutions because they never make you forget what’s important to you.

With the New Year 2017 having begun, I’ve made it a point to start blogging, take breaks from work and focus on my personal goals as well, travel, read more. Well that’s a start and hoping to make the most of this year!

Fitness is something I have been making goals about but never really doing anything about it. I think I should prioritise fitness considering the organisation I work for. I am Marketing and Management professional who manages India’s top athletes and talk, campaign about nutrition, fitness and living a healthy active lifestyle throughout the year! It’s time I get down to real business and burn some serious calories, eat better before I market any of them.

Well this time I plan on inking my progress to know how far I’ve got because it’s the best way to track your resolutions. What’s your resolution?

Wink Wink…! 😉


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