Anuhya : A story of devious minds

Anuhya walked into the reception of her new office. The receptionist smiled at her and asked her to seat herself while she quickly dialled and informed of Anuhya’s arrival. It was her first day at work and Anuhya wanted a fresh start to her life putting the past behind her.

Anuhya was joining Bangalore’s top real estate company. She sat herself and looked about the interiors of the reception and felt lucky to land herself such a good job. She took out her mobile and saw the notifications. She exclaimed to herself, “Forty-six unread messages! You’ve gotta  be kidding me!!”. She put away her phone the moment the receptionist called out her name. She was walked up to the receptionist.

“Mr.Raghav has asked you to meet him at the eleventh floor Madam”. Anuhya proceeded towards the lift, she seemed lost and tried to talk to herself for wanting to leave the old company for the new one. Everything seemed perfectly fine last month and she recalled her old colleagues trying to talk her out of putting down her papers. The lift was packed and Anuhya seemed to be lost in her thoughts and took no note of her new environment. She wanted a new life, a fresh start and only she knew what she was running away from. She silenced her thoughts as the lift operator called out the floor number, “Eleventh Floor!”.

She got out of the lift and made way to the desk and asked for Raghav. Raghav was the HR who took care of on-boarding of new employees. “Welcome to Elysian Group! Anuhya your just on time. Come let’s get you on board with us”, he said and walked her into the waiting room and handed her a file. “Hope you’ve got all the requested papers and photographs”, he asked with a cheeky smile to which Anuhya replied with a brief, “Yes Raghav”.

“Great then fill up the forms and I’ll see you in a bit”, he said and walked out the door. Anuhya opened the file and began filling up the forms. After the whole exercise of unending forms she lost track of time when she was interrupted with her phone buzzing. She held the phone in her hand and remarked to herself “One more call from you and you deserve to be blocked!” The unread messages count had now gone to eighty-seven.

Anuhya was shaken, she wondered if she could ever put the past behind her and lead a normal life ever again or even silence her now disturbed mind.



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