Anuhya : the story of devious minds

Post 2 

Anuhya closed her eyes to calm herself. She needed a busy day to get her mind off the havoc which she had walked away from.

“All done newbie? Mr.Parmanand has just walked in. I’ll set up a meeting with him once your done with all the on boarding formalities.It’s gonna be a busy day for you Anuhya. Hmm… Let me look through the documents.. “, said Raghav as he slipped into verifying her documents and humming a song to himself.

Anuhya waited patiently. She didn’t want to check her mobile fearing her mind’s demon. She sat down contemplating if she had to change her number and get a new sim and shut down her fears for the mental turmoil she’d been undoing since the past few weeks.

“Yeeeep! All done. Let me just walk you into your cabin and we’ll take it from there”, said Raghav. Anuhya was relaxed that the on-boarding formalities was done and she could now get into her new role and get busy working and finally divert her mind.

“Thanks so much Raghav! It’s tough not working and having a few days off from work especially for a workaholic like me!”

“Well, we here at Elysian group believe in a work-life balance. You’d be surprised to see the amount of parties post cracking a good deal. Your department is known for parties! Gear up Anuhya! You’ve gotta work smart and party harder to survive here.”said Raghav as he walked her to her cabin.

Anuhya entered her cabin. She was pleased to find her brand new laptop and starter pack with everything branded with the Elysian Group symbol. She was pleased to get into the company which boasted of Bangalore top-real estate prime properties. She knew her past mistakes and this time she knew it was all business and would never make a mistake of merging her personal and professional life. What happened last month had turned her whole world upside down and it was only because of her well-wishers that she could come out of the mistake that would have led her to her grave.

Raghav then asked her to settle down and would schedule an appointment with the Big Whale of the Elysian Group: Mr.Parmanand. Anuhya took a moment to take note of the new cabin. Her very own cabin. It was on the eleventh floor and her cabin overlooked the ever growing Bangalore city. She knew the ride and what it took to get to where she was currently standing. She was excited and apprehensive to meet Mr.Parmanand, the man who started out of nothing and had built the whole empire by himself. He had earned a reputation of being a shrewd businessman with zero-tolerance for error. One had to be prepared thoroughly or face his wrath.

Perhaps it was time to have breakfast before the whole meeting with the Lion.

“Hah! How I wish I’d asked Raghav directions towards the cafeteria or at least eat when Mom asked me to. Stupid me. Now I’m starving. I only hope people can’t hear my growling stomach. That would be totally embarrassing that too on my first day at work.”



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